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Empowering Immigrant Families to Build Generational Wealth 

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By Adina Appelbaum, Esq. Immigration Attorney, Accredited Financial Counselor®, Financial & Business Coach & Mauricio Castillo Ferri, Proud Immigrant from Ecuador

Co-Creators, Immigrant Finance™
Co-Founders, International Empowerment® LLC

Combining our rare professional and personal expertise at the intersection of the financial and immigration law systems, we teach you and your family how to:

*Build systems to manage money

*Invest and have your money start working for you and 

*Increase income 

...No matter you or your family members' immigration status or background!

Because immigrant families deserve to build generational wealth, too.

Hi! We're Adina and Mau. 

If you've been struggling to figure out how you can invest in the stock market, build credit, buy a home, or get started building wealth, we know exactly what you are going through. 

We've been there.

When Mau immigrated from Ecuador to the U.S in 2013, we struggled with money for years.

We didn't know if Mau could have a bank account, credit card, invest, own a home, prepare for retirement...the list went on.

We felt so anxious, scared, and overwhelmed all the time. 

Financial issues affected every area of our lives. 

There were no books, blogs, podcasts, or other resources that talked about how immigrant families could participate in the financial system. 

Every financial expert we went to told us they couldn't help because they didn't know how to handle the immigration status aspect.

It became clear: traditional personal finance books and education just weren’t made for immigrant families.

They also focus only on budgeting and paying off debt, not teaching you how to build generational wealth.

That's why we created Immigrant Finance School™. 

We spent 10 years piecing together the entire U.S. immigration law and financial systems, using our personal experiences testing strategies. 

Combining what we've learned with Adina's knowledge and experience as an immigration attorney and Accredited Financial Counselor®, we offer the only program that exists that teaches immigrant families how to navigate the financial system regardless of your status or background.

Immigrant Finance School™ is the exact program we wish someone handed us back in 2013 when we were struggling with finances as a mixed immigrant family. 

We provide step-by-step, easy to apply guidance to other immigrant families so that they don't have to learn how to build wealth the hard way -- or miss out on ever learning it.

Our mission is to help 1,000 immigrant families invest over $1 million together over the next 5 years.

Join the Immigrant Finance School™ community now and:

Save 7+ years of your life...

...the time we lost trying to figure out finances as a mixed immigrant family on our own without support, even with Adina being an immigration lawyer...

or more....

Avoid losing tens of thousands in investment returns... could make during the next 10+ years you might spend trying to figure out investing and wealth building on your learning how to invest in the stock market, real estate, a business, and yourself, and start having your money work for you ASAP.

Develop an abundance mindset and strong relationship with money, no matter your immigration status or family background...

...the most life-changing takeaway of the program that our students tell us time and time again!

We're here to help.

It’s time to move from surviving to thriving.

Get started today!

We can't WAIT to support you and your family.

Program Includes:

*Our Signature Self-Paced Online Course Program - Direct step-step-by-step guidance on how to navigate the U.S. financial and immigration systems based on 10+ years of research, experience, and trial and error. Incudes 14 in depth video and text based modules with assignments guiding you how to open all your accounts, invest confidently on your own for the rest of your life, and set up your entire financial plan in the U.S., no matter your immigration status or background - unlimited access
*Private Student & Alumni Facebook Community Group Support - use this to ask questions and get support anytime (we respond within 48 hours) - unlimited access 

*Discount on Private Financial Coaching Sessions All students & alumni get 50% off 1:1 support sessions after enrolling in the program.  

~ Total Investment: $1,497 ~

Payment Plan Available 
$297/month for 6 months

*Enroll below!*

Student Testimonials

Claudia went from paying off debt to being an investor

Reyes of @thelatinodinero learned to shift his focus to online business income & use credit cards responsibly with their benefits

Evelyn found support and community with others who understand the immigrant experience in her personal finance journey!

Edward found a community to help plan his family's personal finances before immigrating to the U.S.

Danny went from frustration, feeling left out from the investing system, to financially confident

Yazmin On Her Personal Finance Journey in IFS

Nina Started Two Online Businesses and Changed Her Entire Financial Mindset

Karen had a complete mindset switch & developed confidence with money.

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"It's all because of the guidance and accountability of this program that I was able to open my first investment account and contribute monthly. I'm trying to give every dollar a purpose. My online business is also possible thanks to the Immigrant Finance program. My business had been in my head for a while I just didn’t have the right tools to start, I’m glad I was able to find Immigrant Finance and the guidance to help to face the fears of not knowing what to do. I’m not more confident to learn more and keep working on my space. Everyone should sign up for their next class. First learn the tools of finances and then open your business. Both programs with Adina go together to allow you to be successful. Her help has been life changing!!" 
"It is well known that it's expensive to be poor but I realized that is more expensive being poor immigrants. After searching for financial information in the last couple years I wasn't able to put together or process all the information. There is no help out there for immigrants about financial questions, and the ones with the knowledge are afraid to help thinking that they will get in a legal trouble. Until I found Adina with the Immigrant Finance School, with her help I finally understand how to start managing money and fill out the paperwork for financial institutions." 
- Eduardo

 “Adina & Mau are doing an incredible job at educating and empowering the immigrants population and their families with their finances. Through their course, you learn to break free from the mentality that as an immigrant there are some areas you can never reach. Whether it's investing, opening a high yield savings account, budgeting, getting a credit card, you name it. I strongly recommend their course. It's money well spent. Keep up the good work Adina and Mau! You are a Blessing to your community.”
"If someone was going to ask me 10 years ago, you're going to be talking about investments...I'd be like no, that's not for me. At all....but because of the program I am now opening my first ever account in the investing world. And now I am having investing conversations I would have never had. Now I get to talk to my littler sister and brother and spread the knowledge about budgeting, finances, and investing...It's that transformation of wanting to learn more and see different ways of thinking. Being part of the program gave me that extra push and motivation. I would look forward to each group coaching call because I enjoyed listened to everyone's stories. That commonality, either we came from other countries or were born here or our parents are from other countries....being linked as immigrants is really important. I learned I'm not the only one. It was really motivating and inspirational. I would hang up on the group coaching calls and think, this feels really good."

“I can’t believe this. This brings hope after I felt left out by the big opportunities the country gives. It’s because of your work that opening my investment account without a social security number was this fast, it felt much like copy and paste and this info was absolutely valuable, thank you!!”

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